I'm Inna A. Karakuts, I teach live voice singing lessons here in Portland, Oregon areas. As 
you explore these pages of information you will learn more about me and the services I provide. 
I came to Washington in 2001 from Moscow, Russia. A little history about me, I finished Musical 
School #1 by Prokofieff for Violin which I devoted 8 years of study. Then I moved on to Gnesin's 
Musical University for my Vocal studies. Professor R. Lecitzion was my instructor, where I invested 
5+ more years of my life to recieve my Certification for Classical Soprano (russian). 
Click on YouTube to Watch me Sing in "French"! 

   Sung in Russian, French, German, Spanish, and American.
~Professionally performed in Moscow Symphony, Moscow, Russia.
~Performed as Soloist for "New Song- Moscovsky Creative Music Company.
~Performed before very large audiences, including a performance in the Presidential House at the Red Square, Big   Hall by Tchaikovsky,  Bill Hall by Rachmaninoff, Moscow University's Big Hall by Tchaikovsky
~Traveled abroad in Europe to perform. As a Professional singer, several music CDs were released with First one in Moscow, Russia. The remaining were released here in US. 
~Performed in the past 2001 to Present in many West Coast cities in California, Oregon, and Washington in churches, schools, halls, and for the Mayor- City of Vancouver.
~Still have business/personal interest in Russian Kapriz, Sudakoff New Opera Show Theatre, and Symphony Orchestra- by Ponkin in Moscow Philaharmony.
~Lead Choir Singer and Solo Singer in my Immovable Foundation Church in Milwaukie, Oregon
~Voice singing instructor for my Church's choir group.
~I've taught many 100s of young & older students on "How" to Sing correctly! You will be taught "How" to use your Voice muscles correctly & breathing technique.  

  To get Started, here are the Rules, that you MUST AGREE to the following:

~ INDIVIDUAL ADULT VOICE SINGING LESSONS- Regular $55.00, Reduced Special Pricing at $40 Now,  that's 26% OFF! (reg. time/45 min. actual), first intro is $27.50 at church's Studio, 
 if I travel to your home Add another $15. For 1st intro, the travel fee is set at $25 only.  
~ Children, under 18... (***12-17 yr/30 min. $30 only**) First intro is $15 at church, if travel to your home Add $12.   
~ Group Discounts available if Singing as a Group together at one time. 
~ You will Attend for 6 months. (or whatever You &  I agree to later, Most of my Students Choose to do the 6 months-26 weeks to 8 months- 34 weeks get any noticeable benefits & improvements & you Get1 lesson for Free). FREE Lesson is given at the end of your course! Not Upfront. 
~ Once you've become a Regular ongoing student, to SKIP APPOINTMENTs by Medical Reason Only is Allowed, however you  MUST give me at least 12 hour Prior Notice to your Appointment, YOU MUST CALL ME TO RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! IT MUST BE RESCHEDULED and USED BY YOU WITHIN TWO WEEK or it will be Lost!   
Please Notice; If your Appointment is Skipped for NON-MEDICAL REASONS- NO REFUNDS, Nor any Re-scheduling will be considered for my LOST TIME because you Missed your Appointed Time! NO EXCEPTIONS! 
<> PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Most of my Students Pre-Pay me monthly, I DO Charge UPFRONT for the  coming month, (for example; if you go twice a week, then its 8x $40= $320/ or once a week its 4x $40= $160 
 Please Note: I Will Require non-refundable Deposit for the Last Month as Well.
~ You Can Also SAVE MONEY by Paying me the Entire Amount &  I'LL GIVE YOU 1 FREE LESSON as a  Courtesy Discount (on a 8 month package)! 
~ So Go Ahead & Get Started Here Today just Click on the Cart & I'll give you a Call!   We'll Set an  Appointment and you can prepay $27.50 Paypal with 50% Off Automatic Coupon built in. Sorry No Checks  to me upfront for your 1st INITIAL VOICE SINGING INTRODUCTION LESSON! (gtlisoff helps me with  marketing) Later you can pay by check, debit, or credit card! CLICK NOW! LET'S GET STARTED TODAY  RIGHT NOW! Call Me if any questions (503) 593-0708  INNA or Call Greg (971) 222-5815 till 11:00pm  
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